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FRENCH PRESS – Preparation guide

Cafetière à piston

The traditional French press coffee maker, we never get tired of it!

This coffee maker (commonly called “Bodum” because of the popular brand) requires coarsely ground coffee beans, that will remain in contact with hot water before being filtered through a metal filter. This very porous filter captures the oils and flavors of the beans in order to obtain a cup of coffee with more body and less acidity than in a paper filter coffee maker.

  1. Use about 40g of ground coffee in the bottom (for an 800ml coffee maker).
  2. Cover the ground coffee with a little splash of hot water (94C) and wait 30 seconds. When the water in your kettle is boiling, it is better to wait 2 minutes before pouring it over your coffee otherwise it will be too hot.

  3. Fill the rest of the carafe with hot water and stir with a spoon.
  4. Wait 4 minutes then press gently on the plunger.
  5. Serve!

Les essentiels:

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