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Our story

Bivouac is a micro coffee roasting company, roasting certified organic coffees, deeply rooted in the Portneuf territory (near Quebec city). Since 2011, we have been sharing our passion for specialty coffee while remaining in line with our human values and our ecological commitments.

Mélanie Gagné
Torréfacteur Bivouac

At first

Bivouac was founded in 2011, under the name LpB – La p’tite Brûlerie, in the picturesque village of Deschambault. The founder, Mélanie Gagné, had her dream become reality when she set up her artisanal roaster shop, which was an immediate success. Over the years, the company has become a key third-wave roaster in the region and stands out for their local and international commitments.

Roasting workshop

After managing a coffee shop and roasting and distributing organic beans for more than 10 years, Mélanie began a transition that would lead the company to focus entirely on roasting coffee. She first bought a building in a neighbouring town, in Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf, where the roasting activities would be relocated. This workshop is now the headquarters of the company. Subsequently, selling the Deschambault coffee shop to another young, dynamic entrepreneur brought forth a new business, La Dinette du Cap.

Bivouac's birth

Today, Bivouac is dedicated solely to its primary vocation and to what it does best: roasting organic and fair trade specialty coffee beans. With more space and time, the team develops the aromatic profiles specific to the terroir of each coffee. The company thus regains their characteristic simplicity and authenticity, the very spirit of Bivouac. We are excited to welcome this new phase of our journey with you, dear coffee lovers. Let our coffees accompany you wherever you are!

Our team

David, Raphaël, and Mélanie make up the small Bivouac team and share a common desire to work conscientiously to offer you the best coffee possible.

Bivouac’s business model has always evolved in such a way as to place people and their quality of life in balance with the development of the company. This is why the four-day work week is a reality for us: we choose to value an organic and healthy form of growth for the company. In this harmonious work climate, the professional and personal development of each individual is encouraged. We are convinced that our work culture contributes to making your coffee taste even better!

Équipe Bivouac
Bivouac torréfaction
Tasse café Bivouac
Dégustation café Bivouac

Bivouac is inspired by life, and by what coffee means to us: a simple and accessible daily ritual that makes each moment even more precious.