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Our values are humane and ecological

Bivouac is proud to act towards changing the practices of coffee industry to make them more fair and sustainable. That's why we maintain direct, transparent and long-term partnerships with associations of small specialty coffee producers in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Café vert Bivouac
Mélanie Gagné
Nicaragua Las Diosas

Straight from the source

Cooperative Coffees is a group of 23 North American coffee roasters that has been revolutionizing the coffee business for 20 years. Our membership in this organization ensures that we are involved at every stage of the supply chain, from production to roasting. Mélanie has been involved in the Sourcing & Quality Committee for several years, which deals with issues related to coffee quality and harvesting conditions.

The power of collaboration

Cooperative Coffees roasters are humans with a passion for coffee; they share the same values and work together to have a greater impact at the source through joint coffee purchases. The Cooperative Coffees import model is innovative and unique in the industry. Its operation is similar to that of community supported agriculture programs in Quebec. Roasters commit to buying a certain amount of coffee from producers in advance, and the terms of the contracts are set. This commitment makes it possible to reduce the uncertainty and precariousness specific to agriculture. The roasters thus jointly assume part of the production risks.

Cupping Coop Coffees
Coop Coffees AGA membres
Fleur caféier Norandino Pérou

Sustainable development

Through Cooperative Coffees, Bivouac works hand in hand with their partners. These are groups of small producers of certified organic and fair trade coffee who are innovators in sustainable development and who are stakeholders in our organization. Through an impact fund, roasters collectively invest their green coffee purchases to support producers’ projects. This may involve making their practices more sustainable, improving their infrastructure, or enhancing the productivity of their land and the quality of their product. Several tools have been put in place over the years to collectively reduce the carbon footprint of the roasted coffee supply chain, for both producers and roasters. These initiatives address climate justice on a larger scale. For example, Carbon, Climate and Coffee is a major project that aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the supply chain by 2025.Cooperative Coffees holds the B-Corp environmental business certification. In 2020, it won the Sustainability Award:Business Model category, awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Traceability and transparency

The traceability of each Bivouac coffee goes back to the producers’ land. We have chosen to be coherent and transparent. All information about producers, certifications and contracts is available on you buy our coffee, you are making a consumer choice that supports innovative projects, led by farmers, that provide concrete climate solutions.
Café arabica Pérou
Cooperative Coffees - Peru 2022
Carbon Climate Coffee
Anei Colombie

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