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Taste profiles

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At Bivouac, we wanted to make things simpler and offer an additional tool to help you choose your coffee beans for home. We have classified all our coffees (blends and single origin) into 4 distinct taste profiles that are easily identifiable on our bags. If you like a coffee, identify its “tag”, this will guide you in exploring and discovering other coffees of the same profile!

Bivouac café biologique
Profil chocolaté

Chocolatey profile

Coffees presenting with a lovely roundness, a hint of nuts and a natural sweetness due to caramelisation during roasting. Versatile, and enjoyed by all,  they are slightly darker and intended for espresso. These coffees are always delicious with milk.

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Profil boisé

Earthy profile

Coffees with more character, conferred by their terroir; classically referred to as robust or full-bodied. A little spicy in taste, they are perfect for espresso.

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Profil fruité

Fruity profile

Coffees with a lighter roast or from a honey or natural drying process, which gives them a touch of acidity. From stone fruit to lemon, they offer a varied aromatic palette. Perfect for drip or for a bold espresso.

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Profil floral

Floral profile

These coffees’ terroir make them delicate and lightly perfumed, similar to tea and flowers. They are generally best enjoyed without milk and truly flourish as drip coffees.

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