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A delicious filter coffee at home: you can do it!

Misuse of the standard electric coffee maker, with improper settings, has given traditional filter coffee its bad name. We reassure you: it is quite possible to obtain a good coffee with this type of coffee maker! Simply follow some basic rules, such as: choose good quality coffee beans, ideally freshly roasted and with the appropriate weight and grind.

Most of the instructions below apply at all times, regardless of the type of coffee maker you use!

  1. Use brown, non-chlorine bleached paper filters.
  2. Add the right amount of ground coffee in the filter, respecting the number of cups of water you want to obtain (1 ½ to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup, which gives about 75g of coffee for 10 cups).
  3. Use good quality coffee, freshly roasted and ideally ground within the previous 3 days.
  4. Use coffee that has been ground specially for a drip coffee maker (if the coffee is too fine, there will be over-extraction, which brings bitterness to the coffee, in addition to risking the coffee going through the filter to become find in the cup).
  5. Use proper water (preferably filtered) and make sure the coffee maker does not heat above 94C.
  6. Never leave the coffee carafe on the heating element, this overheats the coffee and will eventually give it a burnt taste. Instead, opt for insulated carafes which will keep the coffee hot without overcooking it!

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