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CHEMEX – Preparation guide

The Chemex: our all-time favourite coffee maker!

Invented by a chemist to improve the preparation of coffee according to artistic and scientific criteria, this elegant coffee maker is a great alternative to the classic drip coffee makers. The Chemex filter is triple-thick, which allows more sediment to be retained and prevents it from ending up in the cup. This allows you to have a clean, aromatic and delicate cup of coffee, that will impress everynone!

  1. Place the filter in the Chemex, in a way that the thicker part sits on the side of the spout.
  2. Add approximately 35g of ground coffee, for a 6 cup Chemex (the grind should be coarser than for a standard paper filter).
  3. Cover the ground coffee with a little splash of hot water (94C) and wait for 30 seconds. When the water in your kettle is boiling, it is better to wait 2 minutes before pouring it over your coffee otherwise it will be too hot.

  4. Gradually add 500ml of hot water (about 50ml at a time) using rotary movements. *For this step, a kettle with a gooseneck spout allows you to pour the water more delicately and precisely over the coffee!
  5. Wait for the coffee to drip naturally into the glass carafe and serve. *The whole brew shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, if it’s longer it means the grind was too fine and if it’s the opposite, it means the grind was too coarse.

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